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VEGACY STRATEGIC SERVICES together with the BSM MARITIME TRAINING CENTER, arrange for the professional Training Courses for Ship Security Officers (SSO) and Ship Security Guards (SSG) with the provision of international standard certificates (SSG, SSO) upon completion.

    Professionally developed training program includes:
  • basic training course of the Ship Security Officer
  • basic tactics of the ship security
  • base medical training
  • fire tactical training and maritime security
  • Russian-fighting system of self-defense

Training program - 12 days
Course fee 1150 euro
Accommodation + food 600 euro
Education in Russian and English languages.

There are still several vacancies for the course 9-20 December 2013. If you wish to attend – you still can make it! We accept applications until 6th of December.

Courses Schedule for 2014:
13 – 24 of January
03 – 14 of February
05 – 16 of May
30 of June – 11 of July
01 – 12 of September
08 – 19 of December

Our Vacancies

Company Vegacy Strategic Services Ltd receives applications and a continuous selection of potential candidates to fill vacancies in the company.

Potential candidates must be prepared to prolonged pre-selection process, testing, and training. This is due to the fact that the company Vegacy Strategic Services Ltd works legally, within the framework of legislation and international standards in a very specific field of business.

The requirements of international standards and laws dictating the need for a thorough check of all documents and information that provides candidates for the job for the reason that we have to select only those candidates who have real experience in dealing with weapons, knowledge of the work in the field of security, and have the relevant documents of international standard, confirming their professional level. Considerable risks in the company's liabilities and insurance of these risks impose on us the obligation thorough testing of candidates. Corporate ethics and codes of conduct of Vegacy Strategic Services Ltd requires us to conduct operational verification of the information. According to the results of all inspections and analysis, we decide for the advisability of further relations. Vegacy Strategic Services Ltd can offer the vacancies to the applicant to consider the conditions and the job contract.

The company requires applicants presence of specific serious experience in specific industries:

  1. Experience life in a dedicated or existing military units of the Navy or Army.
  2. Experience with the standard small arms of domestic and foreign models, special means of protection, tactical equipment and security equipment.
  3. Experience in management units and groups, experience special missions outside their country (for petty officers and middle management of the units).
  4. Experience in the specialization.

Required Minimum requirements for applicants to positions of operators

In order to comply with the corporate line Vegacy Strategic Services Ltd aimed at the quality and professionalism of service, potential candidates must meet our corporate requirements and be willing to pass training course in core subjects.

Each candidate must meet the following criteria:

  1. Age 25-45 years pld;
  2. Good physical condition;
  3. The absence of contraindications for medicine, (including - Addiction, psyche, HIV);
  4. Police and Offenses Clearance ;
  5. The positive results of the hardware psychodiagnosis (Polygraph, physiologists);
  6. Fluency in their native language and English (knowledge of other languages is an advantage).

For candidates to work for the protection of critical facilities and cargo tracking in high-risk areas:

Required - Experience of at least two years in the protection of facilities and convoys in the areas of risk, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chech Republic, Dagestan, etc. Also having a diploma (certificate) guard of international standard.

For candidates for the operator's job to protect ships and cargo transportation in high-risk areas:

Required -the experience of military service in the ships of the Navy, the Coast Guard is not less than 2 years, or experience in the civil courts for at least three years from the positive job feedback. A diploma (certificate) of international standard on the passage of specialized training in maritime security - SSO (Ship Security Officer) or PMSC, STCW 95, RBZHS, training in medical first aid, foreign passports and seaman book with all insert.

If your experience, qualifications, and the desire to meet our criteria, your documents are in compliance with international requirements. We suggest you send your resume in Word or PDF, copies of documents confirming the transfer profile (education, qualifications, track record, a letter of recommendation) and a full-length photograph to the following address listed on the site: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Company Vegacy Strategic Services Ltd, in the framework of international cooperation in the exchange of experience, began to conduct joint training courses for marine protection operators in Russia (Moscow)



Training courses maritime operators of foreign vessels.

Specialized courses training / retraining of employees of naval protection (CSI ) to work on foreign vessels and foreign companies are conducted in Ukrain - on the basis of a training center Guard " Grampus " Nikolaev, the International Maritime Academy Odessa and the Naval Academy; and in Cyprus – on the bases of BSM Mratitime Training Centre.

Course Duration 12 days.

Classes and workshops are conducted by specialists , trainers and teachers of the BSM Mratitime Training Centre, International Maritime Academy , vererany Center for Marine special operations and counterterrorism.

Centre fully equipped to high-quality and productive process of the curriculum. This training class, gyms, training facilities and landfills, a shooting range and tactical, as well as training methodical literature, materials, and visual teaching aids.

Course training program includes topics:

  1. Foundations of international law and the international law of the sea;
  2. Fundamentals of maritime practice , the device ships and marine systems;
  3. The psychology of anti-terror;
  4. The tactics and strategy of the security of ships and port facilities;
  5. Basics of self defense and personal safety at sea and the ship;
  6. Special medical and psychological training;
  7. Special weapons training;
  8. Specialized English and marine terminology , language practice.

During the first day , all candidates are interviewed , questionnaires, testing hardware complex " Psychophysiology of " delivery standards for seamanship and strength training , commissioning lingvotesta (conversational English for Ukranians and Russians).

With a satisfactory result of tests student is admitted to the educational process. When applying for training, the candidate must submit to the leadership of the center ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), in electronic form the following document :

  1. A copy of a foreign passport and seaman with the application;
  2. Questionnaire and a summary in English, filled with the pattern;
  3. Certificate of medical examination;
  4. Certificates a psychiatrist and a psychologist about the absence of contraindications;
  5. Certificate of no criminal record;
  6. Color photos 3x4 - 3 pcs.
  7. Certificates and diplomas of international standard of specialized courses circulation of small arms and others are available.

For teaching and training you should have:

  1. Overall notebook, writing accessories, USB flash drive 8 GB;
  2. Working form (camouflage overalls, cap) boots or sneakers;
  3. Shooting glasses and gloves (if possible);
  4. Sleeping bag, sleeping pad;
  5. All of these original documents.

Upon completion of the full course, and if they pass the final standings, graduates receive a certificate of international standard SSG, SSO, STCW 95.

Some students on prior request are qualified and receive an international certificate under the "treatment with small arms"

The cost of a full 12- day course is 1150 €. Payment is to be made in advance. The course fee does not include meals and accommodation, which can be provided for the additional price of 50€ per day.

The centers are located at:

Ukraine , Nikolaev Street. Chigrina , 165 . From the long-distance bus station 200 meters.

Cyprus, 7, Saafi Street, Limassol, Cyprus

Tel.: (+357) 25 349991, (+357) 99820289

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Presentation of courses SSO and SSG

Department of psychodiagnostics

Selection of reliable, loyal and competent employees is the major task facing heads of all companies. Unsuccessful staff recruitment usually leads to considerable moral and financial losses of the company. Modern heads start realize the integral role of the personnel in success or failure of their organization, and resort to new effective methods of selection of shots and periodic checks of working employees.

Vega Strategic Services provides to our Customers the most productive method with use of hardware systems (complexes) of psychodiagnostics of the personnel. Our company is equipped with the hardware Psikhofiziolog complex - the newest development of the Russian specialized medical center "Physician".

This complex is effective remedy of ensuring the personnel safety, allowing to provide inflow of reliable people for business, to reveal guilty of that or another illegal act and to rehabilitate people not involved in it. Besides, it represents itself as the mechanism of compensation of losses of the personnel suffered as a result of disloyalty and prevention of new losses that allows to increase considerably profitability of business and its stability for the company.

Services of department of psychodiagnostics and rehabilitation of VSS are provided to individuals, corporations, and also to the state structures.

Our services include:

  • Performance appraisal of the Customer and candidates for work – hardware testing and research of professional qualities, psychodiagnostic interview, identification, the analytical report on each person involved with the indication of the main problems;
  • Providing psychological consultations by results of a preliminary estimate, personality psychodiagnostics. Research, analysis, issue of the conclusions and recommendations;
  • Complex professional orientation testing on the Psikhofiziolog UPFT-1/30 hardware complex, check of working capacity and personal characteristics of candidates for work;
  • Carrying out individual occupations with the personnel, psychological trainings and corporate trainings with the management and the staff of the companies;
  • Psychological rehabilitation of operators with a post-military syndrome, work with members of their families;
  • Psychological rehabilitation of individuals with various negative dependences , work with members of their families;

Experts of Vega Strategic Services will help you to establish hidden by your employees or candidates for work the following facts:

  • distortion of biographic data;
  • true motives of receipt for work (the purposes, the reasons, incentives);
  • existence of drug and alcoholic influence;
  • addiction to gamblings;
  • existence of mental or other diseases, frustration and deviations;
  • reliability or loyalty;
  • tendency to theft, including information plunders;
  • work on competitors and criminal structures;
  • receiving illegal compensations and bribery;
  • negligent attitude to performance of official duties;
  • a conflictness (extent of participation - the instigator);
  • knowledge of information of the facts of drawing of harm of the company by other persons;
  • planning of drawing of harm of the company in the future;
  • other hidden information

Economic effect of application of hardware research regardless of any type of checks always happens even if anything especially serious doesn't come to light: after testing passing your employees become more disciplined, will be careful to make the actions harming to firm, indicators of financial losses considerably will fall, and overall performance of the personnel considerably will increase.

For obtaining more detailed information on services of department of psychodiagnostics Vega Strategic Services rehabilitation, we suggest you to contact us inquiry to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Contacts Us

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Russia, Moscow
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Russian official representatives in Irkutsk: +7 (902)566-70-43

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Certification and standardization

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