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Department of psychodiagnostics

  Selection of reliable, loyal and competent employees is the major task facing heads of all companies. Unsuccessful staff recruitment usually leads to considerable moral and financial losses of the company. Modern heads start realize the integral role of the personnel in success or failure of their organization, and resort to new effective methods of selection of shots and periodic checks of working employees.

  Vega Strategic Services provides to our Customers the most productive method with use of hardware systems (complexes) of psychodiagnostics of the personnel. Our company is equipped with the hardware Psikhofiziolog complex - the newest successful development of the Russian specialized medical center "Physician".

  This complex is effective remedy of ensuring the personnel safety, allowing to provide inflow of reliable people for business, to reveal guilty of that or another illegal act and to rehabilitate people not involved in it. Besides, it represents itself as the mechanism of compensation of losses of the personnel suffered as a result of disloyalty and prevention of new losses that allows to increase considerably profitability of business and its stability for the company.

  Services of department of psychodiagnostics and rehabilitation of VSS are provided to individuals, corporations, and also to the state structures.

Our services include:

  • Performance appraisal of the Customer and candidates for work – hardware testing and research of professional qualities, psychodiagnostic interview, identification, the analytical report on each person involved with the indication of the main problems;
  • Providing psychological consultations by results of a preliminary estimate, personality psychodiagnostics. Research, analysis, issue of the conclusions and recommendations;
  • Complex professional orientation testing on the Psikhofiziolog UPFT-1/30 hardware complex, check of working capacity and personal characteristics of candidates for work;
  • Carrying out individual occupations with the personnel, psychological trainings and corporate trainings with the management and the staff of the companies;
  • Psychological rehabilitation of operators with a post-military syndrome, work with members of their families;
  • Psychological rehabilitation of individuals with various negative dependences , work with members of their families;

Experts of Vega Strategic Services will help you to establish hidden by your employees or candidates for work the following facts:

  • distortion of biographic data;
  • true motives of receipt for work (the purposes, the reasons, incentives);
  • existence of drug and alcoholic influence;
  • addiction to gamblings;
  • existence of mental or other diseases, frustration and deviations;
  • reliability or loyalty;
  • tendency to theft, including information plunders;
  • work on competitors and criminal structures;
  • receiving illegal compensations and bribery;
  • negligent attitude to performance of official duties;
  • a conflictness (extent of participation - the instigator);
  • knowledge of information of the facts of drawing of harm of the company by other persons;
  • planning of drawing of harm of the company in the future;
  • other hidden information

  The economic effect of using hardware research, regardless of the type of checks, is ALWAYS there, even if nothing particularly serious is detected: after passing the test, Your employees will become more disciplined, will be wary of harming the company, the indicators of financial losses will noticeably fall, and the efficiency of the staff will significantly increase.

  For more detailed information about the services of the Department of psychodiagnostics and rehabilitation of Vega Strategic Services Ltd, we suggest that you send a request to our email address or submit a request                                                 by phone: +7 965 104 1755 or by E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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