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Integrated systems and security technologies.


Vega Strategic Services Ltd and our Holding partners are ready to accept your application and provide a concept and draft solution for providing comprehensive security for a specific object and in accordance with your Technical Task.


We have experience in implementing a number of projects for the design supply and security systems and complexes, equipment of various facilities in the host country and foreign countries.

In close cooperation with Russian and leading European manufacturers, we offer:

1.         Advanced security technologies and protective systems of Russian and foreign production;

2.         The latest security and fire protection systems, anti-theft equipment, video surveillance and registration systems;

3.         Transport security complexes for customs points, airport checkpoints, sea and transport terminals;

4.         Unmanned aerial and marine vehicles, communication systems;

5.         Anti-RAM barriers, engineering perimeter security systems and other equipment;


In addition to the specified equipment, we are ready to offer our own system security solutions. Which include:

  1. Solutions for organizing special and closed communications;
  2. The draft decisions and of the concept of security of the airport, seaport, Bank;
  3. Solutions for the organization of cyber protection of objects from hacker attacks, the organization of monitoring of radio communications, satellite and radio communications on the basis of a mobile automobile complex.


  As well as other solutions successfully implemented by our company and our partner organizations in different countries of the world.


The main condition for developing our offer is to get a clear Technical task From a potential Customer and truthful information about the presence of potential threats to the research object.


You can find individual advanced projects and solutions in the catalogues by clicking on the link. 


Our holding company will be glad to have a productive and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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Office in Syrian Arab Republic:
Syria, Damascus, Al-Saboura
8th Gate Project Al Rouya №.6, BLDG 1, 3rd Floor, Office 15
Tel.: +963 11 394 44 78
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E-mail: office@vegacyltd.com

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