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Center for special training of security officers " Grampus "

TSSPSO " Grampus " was created with the official representation of Vegacy Strategic Services Ltd in Ukraine in the city of Nikolaev .

On the initiative and under the leadership of Anatoly Smolin have been developed and successfully implemented training programs in many areas of security , especially in marine conservation . The main work center focuses on training programs , training and certification of personnel to work in the maritime security companies abroad. The training program , developed in line with international standards , has been coordinated and legalization of European standardization institutions and foreign companies. It reflects the current trends and requirements for this category of staff at all levels . Educational - methodical base material and technical supply , the availability of equipped classes , specialized systems and landfills can as soon as possible to provide the necessary knowledge and to instill students with the relevant skills . The basis of our programs and practices have entered the advanced development and research of leading schools and colleges , international training centers - Russia , Belarus , the Czech Republic , Israel and other countries. We have developed and published their own textbooks , manuals and video applications to them. Sharing best practices with foreign colleagues and specialists continues at all stages of the educational process. Management of the center for the work done repeatedly pointed memorable characters , diplomas and certificates of Ukraine , the USA and Germany.

All candidates for the training required to undergo a thorough pre-screening and psychological testing.

A basic training course operator of the marine division ( CSI) includes classroom training , workshops, special tactical exercises . Classes are held under the supervision of teachers and trainers who have the appropriate category and the practical experience of the proposed disciplines. All teachers and trainers to military service in the units and special units of the army , navy, police forces . During the training, we use only the real working equipment , gear , weapons, and equipment . Conditions as realistic as possible . Modeled the typical situation that allows cadets to adapt more quickly to the difficult conditions of work in different companies and regions

Upon completion of training, students who pass the qualifying examination – receive approval certificate for the category of international standard.

Since 2010, we have developed and successfully implemented a program for training and re-training of operators for the protection of the marine environment and work in high-risk regions. The entire training course was implemented in accordance with international law, conventions, recommendations IMO and the international law of the sea.

The program of course includes the following sections:

  1. Bases of the international legislation and international marine law;
  2. Bases of sea practice;
  3. Anti-terror psychology;
  4. Tactics and strategy of protection of vessels and port facilities;
  5. Bases of self-defense and personal security;
  6. Medical and psychological preparation;
  7. Special shooting preparation;
  8. Foreign language and language practice.

In this direction, our center is working closely with the Odessa International Maritime Academy , Maritime Training Centre , Centre of Marine Special Operations , an association of veterans of anti-terror units , foreign security companies . Upon completion of the course and examination graduates receive diplomas and certificates of international standard ship security officer (SSO) and maritime security officer (MS). Graduates of our center are successfully working in our company and other foreign security companies in many regions of the world ocean.

Our logistics department and the research team are in close contact with graduates of the center, working on contracts with foreign companies. This allows us to make timely adjustments to the educational process, if necessary, amend or modify our techniques, tips and training programs.

In addition to these main areas Center conducts specialized courses in specific subject areas:

  • light diving training in systems of PADI, CMAS;
  • The basics of survival and counterterrorism;
  • Self-defense without weapons and hand to hand combat system Kadochnikova;
  • Special tactics, assault and medical training;
  • Dynamic shooting and climbing the city;
  • Airborne landing training;

The system of education include full-time, part-time form of training, as well as offsite training and workshops.

Center specialists provide individual advice to management and crewing shipping companies, services, maritime security and intelligence for the protection of sea lanes and port facilities, ships and transport platforms, fields and objects of particular importance.

Forming study groups, the conditions through courses, the cost of specialized and specialized courses, locations and schedules determined based on the volume of training and the availability of pre-orders.

Applications can be submitted by phone: +357 96 775 277, +357 99 830 289 or E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Application to purchase the video course "Training Officer maritime security" in Russian on 7 DVD disks can be submitted to the email address of the company. The cost of video - 450€.

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