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Unmanned systems and controlled complexes.

Recently, unmanned aerial vehicles and marine robotic systems have found wide application and promising development both in the defense sector and in the civil sector. This is due to the direction of minimizing losses in manpower in expensive equipment among the military community and expanding the tasks and development of new regions in the commercial sphere. This is successfully handled by UAVS and MRS (marine robotic systems).


The main tasks of UAVS in the military sphere:

1. Advanced aerial reconnaissance, additional reconnaissance, correction and guidance;

2. Search, detection and tracking of manpower and equipment;

3. Delivery of special ammunition, transfer of small cargo, delivery of medical kits to remote, difficult-to-reach or dangerous points;

4. Solution of tasks of electronic warfare and SIGINT;

5. Individual tasks in conducting counter-terrorism operations;

6. Radio-active, chemical and biological exploration, sampling of air, earth, and soil;

7. Other related tasks in the interests of law enforcement agencies.

A similar range of tasks is performed by marine robotic systems, controlled uninhabited underwater vehicles and drones.

The main tasks of UAVS in the national economy, civil defense, security and emergency situations:

  1. Aerial monitoring of long distances, large areas, remote or hard-to-reach objects;
  2. Moving, delivering small loads to remote or hard-to-reach areas, spraying chemicals and markers;
  3. Video and photo shooting for further work on creating three-dimensional models of land plots, individual objects, creating orthophotoplans, and other cartographic tasks;
  4. Guidance of civil aviation and rescue teams to emergency situations;
  5. Search detection and diagnostics from the air of places of accidents, crashes, fires, catastrophes, floods and other emergencies;
  6. Aerial surveillance and patrolling of protected areas, extended sections, protected zones, protected lands and state borders. Detection, and identification of places of illegal entry, intrusion, damage or violation of such;
  7. Radiation, chemical, biological exploration, sampling of air, land, water from dangerous or infected areas;Доставка средств медицинской помощи и оповещение населения;
  8. Localization and extinguishing of small fires in open areas;
  9. Control of land, water, forest and land resources. Accounting for livestock and animal populations;
  10. Detection of vehicles, objects, and people. And other civil tasks.

Our technological solutions and developments of our partners have been implemented in experimental and standard UAV models, which have been tested and confirmed their characteristics not only in civil projects, but also in special operations.

Each product of our model range, presented in the Catalog was created for specific tasks, but has a modular design principle that allows you to replace the elements of the power units of the unit and attachments. Our Warranty covers all products in our product range.


Specialists of the Department of Vega Sky Tech are ready to consider your request, make a Commercial Offer for the supply of UAVS or perform a separate task using our UAVS. As well as conduct an introductory, basic or special training course for specialists in UAV management in your organization on-the-job and at the customer's facility.

We are waiting for your requests.

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