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Our Vacancies

  Holding Vega Strategic Services Ltd accepts and processes applications, and regularly selects potential candidates for vacant positions in various departments of our Russian and foreign companies.

  Potential candidates should be prepared for a lengthy process of pre-selection, vetting, and possible training. This is due to the fact that all our Holding companies operate only legally, within the legal norms of the host countries and international standards in a very specific business area. It is the requirements of international norms and laws that dictate that we need to carefully check all documents and information provided by job candidates.For this reason, we have to select only those candidates who have real experience in handling weapons, knowledge of the specifics of work in the security sector, and have relevant international documents confirming their professional level. Otherwise, we may be denied a job application, visa support, or government insurance in the country of residence or mission.The corporate ethics and code of conduct of Vega Strategic Services Ltd, which you can read in advance on the pages of our website, obliges us to conduct prompt verification of the information provided. Based on the results of all checks and analysis of information, we make a decision on the feasibility of further relations with the job candidate. If there are vacancies, the HR Department of Vega Strategic Services Ltd can offer the applicant to review the terms and conclude a contract for work. Most positions in the company require applicants to have specific serious experience in certain industries. 


  1. Experience serving in special or active units of the Navy or army.
  2. Experience in handling small arms of domestic and foreign models, special protective equipment, tactical equipment and security equipment.
  3. Experience in managing divisions and groups, experience in special missions outside of the country (for senior and middle management of divisions).
  4. Work experience in a specific specialty.
  5. Availability of specialized technical education or military occupational specialty.

Mandatory minimum requirements for applicants for the position of operators

  In order to comply with the corporate line of Vega Strategic Services Ltd aimed at the quality and professionalism of the services provided, potential candidates must meet our corporate requirements and be ready to undergo a refresher course in specialized disciplines.

Each candidate must meet the following criteria:

  1. Age from 25 years to 45 years;
  2. Good physical shape;
  3. The absence of contraindications in medicine, (including addiction, mental health, HIV);
  4. No criminal records or misdemeanors;
  5. The positive results of the hardware diagnostics (polygraph, Physiologist);
  6. Confident command of your native language and English (knowledge of other foreign languages is welcome).

For candidates to work on the protection of especially important objects and cargo transportation support in high-risk areas:

  Mandatory-experience in the protection of objects and convoys in high-risk areas. The presence of a diploma (certificate) of an international security guard is welcome.

For candidates to work as an operator for the protection of marine vessels and cargo transportation in high-risk areas:

  It is mandatory to have at least 2 years of experience on ships of the Navy or coast guard, or at least three years of experience on civil vessels with positive reviews of the service. The presence of a diploma (certificate) of international standard on the passage of specialized training in Maritime security - SSO (Ship Security Officer) or PMSC, STCW 95, Ship Damage Control Sertificate, course training in first aid, a valid foreign passport, a seaman's passport with all inserts and a seaman's service record book.

  If your experience, qualifications, and desires meet our criteria, your documents meet international requirements. We suggest that you send your application, CV, copies of documents confirming the listed profile (education, qualifications, track record, recommendation letter) and a 3x4 photo to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

  In response, you will be sent a form of the candidate's Questionnaire and A questionnaire to fill out. After all the relevant documents are duly processed and the positive conclusion of the HR Department inspectors, the entire package of documents is forwarded to the Holding's Own Security Service. The positive conclusion of the latter is the basis for inviting You to a personal or online interview at the head office or to the head of the Company. Only after that, you will be offered a position and discuss the terms of further work. At the same time, the company guarantees confidentiality, regardless of what decision will be made on Your candidacy.


Contacts Us

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Russian Federation, 123182, Moscow city, Schykinskaya street 2, office 25 
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Office in Syrian Arab Republic:
Syria, Damascus, Al-Saboura
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