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Company Vegacy Strategic Services Ltd, in the framework of international cooperation in the exchange of experience, began to conduct joint training courses for marine protection operators in Russia (Moscow)



Training courses maritime operators of foreign vessels.

Specialized courses training / retraining of employees of naval protection (CSI ) to work on foreign vessels and foreign companies are conducted in Ukrain - on the basis of a training center Guard " Grampus " Nikolaev, the International Maritime Academy Odessa and the Naval Academy; and in Cyprus – on the bases of BSM Mratitime Training Centre.

Course Duration 12 days.

Classes and workshops are conducted by specialists , trainers and teachers of the BSM Mratitime Training Centre, International Maritime Academy , vererany Center for Marine special operations and counterterrorism.

Centre fully equipped to high-quality and productive process of the curriculum. This training class, gyms, training facilities and landfills, a shooting range and tactical, as well as training methodical literature, materials, and visual teaching aids.

Course training program includes topics:

  1. Foundations of international law and the international law of the sea;
  2. Fundamentals of maritime practice , the device ships and marine systems;
  3. The psychology of anti-terror;
  4. The tactics and strategy of the security of ships and port facilities;
  5. Basics of self defense and personal safety at sea and the ship;
  6. Special medical and psychological training;
  7. Special weapons training;
  8. Specialized English and marine terminology , language practice.

During the first day , all candidates are interviewed , questionnaires, testing hardware complex " Psychophysiology of " delivery standards for seamanship and strength training , commissioning lingvotesta (conversational English for Ukranians and Russians).

With a satisfactory result of tests student is admitted to the educational process. When applying for training, the candidate must submit to the leadership of the center ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), in electronic form the following document :

  1. A copy of a foreign passport and seaman with the application;
  2. Questionnaire and a summary in English, filled with the pattern;
  3. Certificate of medical examination;
  4. Certificates a psychiatrist and a psychologist about the absence of contraindications;
  5. Certificate of no criminal record;
  6. Color photos 3x4 - 3 pcs.
  7. Certificates and diplomas of international standard of specialized courses circulation of small arms and others are available.

For teaching and training you should have:

  1. Overall notebook, writing accessories, USB flash drive 8 GB;
  2. Working form (camouflage overalls, cap) boots or sneakers;
  3. Shooting glasses and gloves (if possible);
  4. Sleeping bag, sleeping pad;
  5. All of these original documents.

Upon completion of the full course, and if they pass the final standings, graduates receive a certificate of international standard SSG, SSO, STCW 95.

Some students on prior request are qualified and receive an international certificate under the "treatment with small arms"

The cost of a full 12- day course is 1150 €. Payment is to be made in advance. The course fee does not include meals and accommodation, which can be provided for the additional price of 50€ per day.

The centers are located at:

Ukraine , Nikolaev Street. Chigrina , 165 . From the long-distance bus station 200 meters.

Cyprus, 7, Saafi Street, Limassol, Cyprus

Tel.: (+357) 25 349991, (+357) 99820289

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Presentation of courses SSO and SSG

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Office in Russia:
Russia, Moscow
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Russian official representatives in Irkutsk: +7 (902)566-70-43

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