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Training courses for Maritime security and PMSC operators to work in high-risk regions.

  Specialized training /retraining courses for employees of maritime security units (PMS) to work on foreign vessels and PMSC operators to work in high-risk regions are conducted by our instructors and teachers both at their own Training center and at the training centers of our partners abroad. In some cases, we are ready to conduct training sessions and train cadets at the base and in the Customer's country of residence. As a rule, this applies to special training of employees of state institutions or law enforcement units of the Ministry of defense and the Police.

  Our Center and our instructors are provided with everything necessary for a high-quality and productive learning process. These are classrooms, gyms, training grounds and ranges, shooting and tactical ranges, as well as educational and methodological literature, materials, visual AIDS, equipment and gear.

  When applying for training, candidates provide to the management of the center ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), in electronic form the following documents:

1. Copy of passport;
2. A copy of the seamans book with an attachment (for specialization – Maritime security);
3. Questionnaires and resumes in English, filled out on a sample;
4. Certificate of medical examination;
5. Certificates of the drug testing specialist, psychiatrist and psychologist on the absence of contraindications;
6. Certificate of no criminal record;
7. Photos color 3x4-3 PCs.
8. Certificates and diplomas of international standard on the passage of specialized courses in the handling of small arms (if any).

To conduct classes and training, you will need to have:

1. Shared notebook, writing supplies, 8 GB USB flash drive;
2. Work uniform (camouflage or overalls) military or sports shoes;
3. Shooting glasses and gloves (if possible);
4. All specified documents are in the original.

  At the end of the full course and subject to passing the final tests, graduates receive the appropriate certificates of international standard PMS, SSO, STCW 95.

  Individual cadets are certified by prior application and receive an international certificate in the CQB small arms program.

  The teaching is conducted in both Russian and foreign languages: English, Greek or Arabic. Depending on the target audience.

  The cost of training in each of the disciplines is calculated directly when processing applications and forming training groups. Payment by legal entities and individuals is made to the current account of Vega Strategic Services Ltd in Advance.

Individual and group requests should be sent to our email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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